Hello World

Computer programming students learn their craft by creating a simple program that displays ‘Hello World.’ It seems a fitting start to a Blog too. So… Hello World!

Wartime Airplane Detection

I’ve wanted a blog (and a website) for years. Lack of time and overlapping projects have always gotten in the way. Finally, this year, I decided to build a website.

Welcome to Sonofex

Here, I hope to share what I have learned and experienced in my 25 years working in film sound. We’ll talk about microphones, recording, and mastering. We’ll ponder film sound, sound design, mixing, and template creation. It might be fun (for me, at least) to remember some of the films I’ve taken part in, to think about the creative process, and to look back on what we did and why we did it. And maybe spend some time discussing health in our industry, a sadly neglected topic. I expect to ramble on about many things here, so I apologize in advance. Anyone who knows me knows I never seem to suffer from a shortage of things to say. They may not be relevant, coherent, or useful… but I have things to say!

But I’m happy to have a home, a place to try, share, give back, rant, and rave. In addition to the blog, I plan an occasional podcast as well, as well as posting how-to videos on recording. This site will become a central place for my varied ‘presences’ in the virtual world. I hope to gather information on the various side projects I’ve undertaken: overviews of UCS and Wild Echoes and some pieces of random AI-Art that I’ve been dabbling in occasionally. And to share links to other articles, videos, and podcasts I’ve participated in. Gathering these parts of my life into one place will be nice.

I’ve also been trying to do more recording lately, and I have some fun ideas for future libraries. In addition, I’ll consolidate the sale of my various tutorials and sound effects libraries onto this site. I’m excited to branch out and offer more pieces of my sound library.

So welcome; I hope this site proves a valuable resource to some, and I’m excited that you’re here!


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  1. I have actually nothing to say, except Hi….. And i’m glad to have stumbled on your blog 🙂


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