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We live in a world of noise. The sounds of humans drown out the sounds of nature. Birds and wind give way to airplanes and motorcars. Our ears are as overwhelmed as the rest of us. We know that contact with nature is vital to our health, and yet so few of us find time to go and
lie in the grass, or as Ruth Krauss so brilliantly suggested in her book Open House for Butterflies, to go “be quiet near a little stream and listen.”

Wild Echoes is the artist’s name for my Nature Recording endeavors. The first sounds I recorded after purchasing professional quality audio gear over 25 years ago were the lapping waves of Lake Superior in one of my favorite places on earth, Grand Marais, MN. Grand Marais lies on the north shore of the immense lake the native people call Gichi-Gami, meaning ‘The Great Sea.’ Standing on its shores recording, as I have done many times over the years, instills in me an instant understanding of how massive the world is and how small a part each of us plays in it.

I have produced over 20 albums of high-quality nature sounds. These are available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Prime Music. We know the health benefits of listening to nature: better sleep, lower stress, lower blood pressure, and increased concentration. Listening to nature is meditation. If you can’t sit by a little stream, at least listen to a little stream.

Some of our albums.

Please join the Sonofex mailing list to learn about new album releases. If you’d like to support this site or any of my endeavors, like my work on the Universal Category System, or my work with Crowdsource Charity projects, one way that likely won’t cost you anything would be to stream some of my sounds. Sadly, it is true that streaming services pay very little; but every little bit still helps. You probably already have a subscription to one or more of the subscription services above. Search for the artist Wild Echoes, and you’ll find my albums. Each is designed to play continuously and is perfect for playing in loop mode while you sleep or playing quietly during the day in your living room. If you enjoy the sounds, please consider adding to your playlist rotation or playing them in the background during the day!

Some of my favorite sounds to record are along the California Coast, trips resulting in three Pacific Surf albums. These are the albums I listen to while sleeping, and they were initially made for a friend who suffers from insomnia.

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