Yellowstone Vol. 1


Artist: Sonofex
Files: 120
Size: 9.25 GB
Duration: 3 hours 58 minutes
Format: 24-Bit 96kHz WAVE

A collection of the Geothermal features of Yellowstone. Geysers, Mudpots, Hot Springs and Fumaroles.

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To fully experience the wonder of Yellowstone, you must listen. Many of the unique geothermal features of Yellowstone are named after the sound they make: Dragon's Mouth Spring, Tea Kettle Spring, Puff-N-Stuff Geyser.

From the first moment I set foot in Yellowstone, I knew I wanted to capture as many of these fantastic sounds as possible. So, one early October, I set out for a week of recording. Getting up at 3 am to avoid people, I would trek through the newly fallen snow, 15-foot boom pole in tow, and spend hours gathering as much as I could. Sometimes patiently waiting for a particular Geyser, sometimes dodging Bison..

Many of Yellowstone's geothermal features are included here, including Geysers, Mudpots, Fumaroles and Hot Springs. The incredible variety of geothermal sounds present in Yellowstone is unrivaled anywhere on earth. It is my single favorite place to record ever, and I'm obsessed with these sounds. I hope you enjoy them.

This library also includes some bonus Radium patches for Soundminer's Sampler. They can be used to 'perform' the sounds of this library in fun ways. They are included in the download.

Please see the File List for a complete listing of files included in this library.


CategoryFull Filename Duration
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Beryl Spring Steam Release_SnFX_YS01_001.wav 02:14
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Black Dragon Cauldron 01_SnFX_YS01_002.wav 02:11
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Black Dragon Cauldron 02_SnFX_YS01_003.wav 01:49
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Black Growler Steam Vent 01_SnFX_YS01_004.wav 02:12
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Black Growler Steam Vent 02_SnFX_YS01_005.wav 00:58
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Black Growler Steam Vent 03_SnFX_YS01_006.wav 03:20
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Blue Mud Steam Vent_SnFX_YS01_007.wav 01:29
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_BSB Grumbler_SnFX_YS01_008.wav 02:34
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Doublet Pool Fluttering Vent_SnFX_YS01_009.wav 00:19
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Emerald Pool Constant Steam_SnFX_YS01_010.wav 01:01
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Fountain Paint Pot Steam Vent_SnFX_YS01_011.wav 02:51
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Fountain Pots Fumarole Steam_SnFX_YS01_012.wav 01:58
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Fountain Pots Steam Vent_SnFX_YS01_013.wav 01:13
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Mud Volcano Park Steam Vent_SnFX_YS01_014.wav 01:15
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Porcelain Spring Hyper Vent 01_SnFX_YS01_015.wav 01:31
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Porcelain Spring Hyper Vent 02_SnFX_YS01_016.wav 02:11
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Porcelain Springs Hyper Vent 01_SnFX_YS01_017.wav 02:40
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Porcelain Springs Hyper Vent 02_SnFX_YS01_018.wav 01:37
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Sulfara Constant Steam_SnFX_YS01_019.wav 01:08
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Unnamed Back Basin Vent_SnFX_YS01_020.wav 02:07
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Unnamed Fumarole_SnFX_YS01_001-021.wav 03:08
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_Vault Geyser Steam Vent_SnFX_YS01_022.wav 01:35
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_West Thumb Steam Vent 01_SnFX_YS01_023.wav 00:55
GEOTHERMAL-FUMAROLE GEOFuma_West Thumb Steam Vent 02_SnFX_YS01_024.wav 01:47
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Anemone Errupts_SnFX_YS01_025.wav 01:51
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Anemone Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_026.wav 00:27
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Aurum Geyser Builds to Errupt_SnFX_YS01_027.wav 02:13
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Aurum Geyser Draining Phase_SnFX_YS01_028.wav 02:26
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Aurum Geyser Errupting_SnFX_YS01_029.wav 01:02
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Aurum Geyser Post Erruption_SnFX_YS01_030.wav 03:22
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Errupts 01_SnFX_YS01_031.wav 00:46
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Errupts 02_SnFX_YS01_032.wav 03:23
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Errupts 03_SnFX_YS01_033.wav 02:16
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Errupts 04_SnFX_YS01_034.wav 00:44
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Errupts 05_SnFX_YS01_035.wav 02:45
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Errupts 06_SnFX_YS01_036.wav 03:10
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Castle Geyser Idling_SnFX_YS01_037.wav 02:33
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Clepsydra Geyser 01_SnFX_YS01_038.wav 03:41
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Clepsydra Geyser 02_SnFX_YS01_039.wav 02:10
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Cliff Geyser Errupting_SnFX_YS01_040.wav 02:39
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Cliff Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_041.wav 02:45
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Daisy Full Erruption_SnFX_YS01_042.wav 03:43
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Daisy Geyser Draining Phase_SnFX_YS01_043.wav 01:02
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Giant Geyser Idling_SnFX_YS01_044.wav 02:21
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Grotto Geyser Idling_SnFX_YS01_045.wav 03:01
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Jet Geyser Idling_SnFX_YS01_046.wav 01:43
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Lion Geyser Group Idling 01_SnFX_YS01_047.wav 01:25
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Lion Geyser Group Idling 02_SnFX_YS01_048.wav 01:11
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Lion Group Erruption Tail_SnFX_YS01_049.wav 00:36
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Minute Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_050.wav 02:14
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Mortar Geyser Idle 01_SnFX_YS01_051.wav 03:10
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Mortar Geyser Idle 02_SnFX_YS01_052.wav 01:57
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Old Faithful Errupts_SnFX_YS01_053.wav 02:55
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Pearl Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_054.wav 03:00
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Penta Geyser Gurgle_SnFX_YS01_055.wav 01:40
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_PuffNStuff Geyser 01_SnFX_YS01_056.wav 02:21
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_PuffNStuff Geyser 02_SnFX_YS01_057.wav 01:59
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Pump Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_058.wav 02:52
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Rocket Geyser Idling_SnFX_YS01_059.wav 01:43
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Sawmill Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_060.wav 01:19
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Sawmill Geyser Pumping Errupt_SnFX_YS01_061.wav 03:03
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spasm Geyser Errupting 01_SnFX_YS01_062.wav 01:31
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spasm Geyser Errupting 02_SnFX_YS01_063.wav 01:14
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spasmodic Geyser 01_SnFX_YS01_064.wav 02:29
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spasmodic Geyser 02_SnFX_YS01_065.wav 01:58
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spasmodic Geyser 03_SnFX_YS01_066.wav 03:36
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spouter Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_067.wav 01:43
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Spouter Geyser Vent Hole_SnFX_YS01_068.wav 02:23
GEOTHERMAL-GEYSER GEOGeyser_Tardy Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_069.wav 01:58
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Beach Spring Fizzing_SnFX_YS01_070.wav 02:01
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Beehive Geyser Idling_SnFX_YS01_071.wav 02:01
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Black Warrior Lake_SnFX_YS01_072.wav 02:48
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Grumbler Close Gurgling 01_SnFX_YS01_073.wav 01:10
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Grumbler Close Gurgling 02_SnFX_YS01_074.wav 01:54
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Grumbler Close Gurgling 03_SnFX_YS01_075.wav 01:35
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Misc Gurgling Vent_SnFX_YS01_076.wav 01:22
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Parking Lot Splashing Pool_SnFX_YS01_077.wav 01:27
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Small Bubbling Pool_SnFX_YS01_078.wav 01:28
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Steam Bubbler_SnFX_YS01_079.wav 01:03
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_BSB Unnamed Spring_SnFX_YS01_080.wav 02:40
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Churning Cauldron_SnFX_YS01_081.wav 03:15
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Comet Geyser Bubbling_SnFX_YS01_082.wav 01:38
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Dragon Mouth Spring_SnFX_YS01_083.wav 03:07
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Ear Spring Burble_SnFX_YS01_084.wav 02:18
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Emerald Pool Bubbling_SnFX_YS01_085.wav 01:08
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Firehole Spring_SnFX_YS01_086.wav 01:26
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Red Spouter Pool_SnFX_YS01_087.wav 01:22
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Scalloped Spring_SnFX_YS01_088.wav 02:19
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Sulfer Cauldron_SnFX_YS01_089.wav 01:00
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Tea Kettle Spout_SnFX_YS01_090.wav 02:38
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Tea Kettle Spring_SnFX_YS01_091.wav 02:35
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Unnamed Back Basin Spring_SnFX_YS01_092.wav 00:53
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Upper Basin Drain Vent_SnFX_YS01_093.wav 01:20
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Veteran Geyser Errupts_SnFX_YS01_094.wav 02:54
GEOTHERMAL-MISC GEOMisc_Yellow Funnel Springs_SnFX_YS01_095.wav 01:36
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Artist Paint Pots 01_SnFX_YS01_096.wav 03:55
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Artist Paint Pots 02_SnFX_YS01_097.wav 02:57
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Artist Paint Pots 03_SnFX_YS01_098.wav 02:28
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots 01_SnFX_YS01_099.wav 02:00
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots 02_SnFX_YS01_101.wav 02:35
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots 03_SnFX_YS01_103.wav 02:29
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots 04_SnFX_YS01_105.wav 02:11
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots Parabolic 01_SnFX_YS01_100.wav 00:50
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots Parabolic 02_SnFX_YS01_102.wav 00:58
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Fountain Paint Pots Parabolic 03_SnFX_YS01_104.wav 01:08
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Grizzly Paint Pots 01_SnFX_YS01_106.wav 02:22
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Grizzly Paint Pots 02_SnFX_YS01_107.wav 01:35
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_Mud Volcano Churning_SnFX_YS01_108.wav 02:36
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_West Thumb Paint Pots 01_SnFX_YS01_109.wav 01:11
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_West Thumb Paint Pots 02_SnFX_YS01_110.wav 02:03
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_West Thumb Paint Pots 03_SnFX_YS01_111.wav 01:23
GEOTHERMAL-MUD POTS GEOMudpot_West Thumb Paint Pots 04_SnFX_YS01_112.wav 01:30
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Back Basin Stream Under Bridge_SnFX_YS01_113.wav 01:47
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Chimney Cone Runoff_SnFX_YS01_114.wav 01:51
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Hot Spring Runoff_SnFX_YS01_115.wav 01:23
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Iron Spring Creek_SnFX_YS01_116.wav 01:35
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_River Behind Old Faithful_SnFX_YS01_117.wav 02:59
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Stream Behind Old Faithful_SnFX_YS01_118.wav 01:20
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Stream in Back Basin_SnFX_YS01_119.wav 01:50
WATER-FLOW WATRFlow_Water Slides Off Excelsior Rock_SnFX_YS01_120.wav 00:40


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