Soundminer-Radium V6 Tutorials

Comprehensive Course on Soundminer-Radium V6 New Features


Soundminer v6.1 has been released. I have made a v6.1 Tutorial just covering all the new and changed features. This single video is available for free for anyone to download from the following link:

Soundminer v6.1 Update Video Download

This course contains over 40 videos, totaling over 7.5 hours of instruction.

PLEASE NOTE: The price listed is for a single user. If you need a site license, simply contact us through the site and we are certainly willing to work with you on one.

You can also purchase a multi-site license at a discount directly through this site. Just update your cart with multiple copies based on how many license seats your company or educational institution requires, and the discounts show blow will apply to the cart.

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This is a companion set to the originals or meant for someone already proficient in V5, to get up to speed with the exciting and powerful new tools in V6 Pro. It assume at least basic knowledge of Soundminer. If you are brand new to Soundminer I'd highly recommend the Soundminer V5 course first. This tutorial goes over in depth all the NEW features in V6 Soundminer and V6 Radium only.

V6 Pro Soundminer and Radium introduce exciting new features such as tabbed browsing, new search tools, a Global FX Rack, and new Radium tools such as the Grain Engine and Surround Engine, and many many more. This set of tutorials covers all of the new features of V6 Soundminer and Radium in depth. Each video is a self-contained topic and many contain Chapter Markers. All contain English captions (which aren't perfect but mostly pretty solid).

Please subscribe to the mailing list to receive new updates. Each video is a self-contained topic and many contain Chapter Markers. All contain English captions (which aren't perfect but mostly pretty solid).

You may download the first few videos for free from the following link to evaluate. The remaining chapters and bonus files are only available for purchase through this website:


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Topic Duration
Introduction 01:56
Soundminer’s New Look 04:16
Quick Overview of V6 19:44
The Support Folder 03:06
Changed Things in V6 09:27
System Output Setting 08:47
Field Options 06:24
Color Options 04:22
Monitoring Options 11:37
Key Bindings 06:40
Reverse 02:07
New Workflow Blocks 04:53
Automatic Rescan 04:19
Find Improvements 11:23
Metadata Panel 06:08
Tabs 25:13
Remerge Change Filename 04:58
Waveform Browser Changes 07:57
Global FX Rack 12:02
Left Panel Changes 08:39
Right Panel Changes 06:29
ProTools Sync 03:01
DSP Rack Changes 04:18
DSP Macros 08:53
Fold-Down Plugin 11:20
Surround Files Fix 02:30
Support Folder Tour 06:43
The Bonus Files 13:33
Radium Introduction 03:28
New Radium Features 10:03
Note On Options 06:09
Radium Global FX 05:54
Radium Macros 12:21
Grains 27:01
Grain Examples 11:07
Quad Mixer 08:49
Quad Mixer Example 09:34
TSE Surround 45:00
TSE Surround Example 17:38
AAX Plugin 08:54
Proxy Maker 13:02
The Final Update 07:59
Metagrid 10:25